Internet Sales

we established the first online marketplace in March 1991

Like any growing business we decided on two occasions a name change will better suite our business model going forward.

The first name change in August 1998, the second and final in September 2006 to Internet Sales, we have no intention of changing it again.

an interesting fact

World wide there are a lot of online marketplaces most specific to a country or region.

Following is a list of online marketplaces based in Australia and when each was established.

We, Internet Sales was established in March 1991.

This is 3 years before Amazon, 4 years before eBay, 9 years before Gumtree, 11 years before Globalshop and 14 - 20 years before the other listed web sites above.

We are not the biggest or the most well known but we are the oldest.

The founder of internetsales.com.au William Flynn started his first business in April 1982 and today November 29, 2023 operates a few different types of businesses.

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Internet Sales compared to other online businesses

We established our online business in March 1991 seven years before Google in 1998.

Some social media platforms and their established date.

If you know a web site older than Internet Sales, established in March 1991, that still operates today November 29, 2023 please us their name.

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