jewellery, cash
backed up computer data
spare keys

or any item that fits

in your

home or caravan

the Australian made

high security

light weight
but virtually indestructible relocatable

Hide Away Safe

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Why should you buy the Australian made Hide Away Safe.

Because most people need a small personal safe.

... especially a safe that is ....

Hide Away Safe will secure...

Any item that will fit inside.

We often hear people say...

we don't have any valuables

That maybe correct for a very small percentage of people but for, lets just say for 95% of people over the age of 18 that is not true.

We can state many examples of valuables people need to secure in their home or while on holiday in a caravan or camper trailer but we are only going to point out two examples.

For something to be valuable...

it does not need
a monetary value

But if lost or stolen will cost you countless hours of wasted time and inconvenience.

Every person has at least one valuable item they must keep safe for their whole life.

Can you guess what that item is...

Take a moment to think about it.

If lost or stolen you could not...

If stolen you personally...

Could be liable to pay back thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You could also lose...

All because you thought you do not have anything that needs to be secured in a safe.


I know from experience if this item is lost it will take up to 12 months to replace and countless hours of your time and much more in dollar terms than the cost to buy a Hide Away Safe in the first place.

Have you guessed what the item is...

... your birth certificate ...

basically a worthless piece of paper but a

very valuable document

Ask yourself...

do you know where your birth certificate is

... NOW ...

If you only buy the Hide Away Safe to place your birth certificate in its worth the investment knowing for the whole of your life you know where it is.

Inside a...

Your investment is ...

about 1.8 cents per day

what else can you buy for 1.8 cents per day

When you die...

Leave your Hide Away Safe to someone to have the benefits and peace of mind you had.

I said at the beginning I am only going to state two items everyone must secure in safe.

The second item...

Every person must keep secure until he or she dies.

This is an easy one to guess...

... your will ...

Without a will you will cause your loved ones a lot of problems.

the above is a fact

what are you waiting for

buy the
... Hide Away Safe ...

... full details ...

... special offer ...
manufacturer direct

... need a quotation ...

... or ...

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Best selling product between September 11, 2021 and yesterday September 17, 2021 based on the number of sales.

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