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brief history about locks

Archaeologists found the first lock they dated at about 4,000 BC in the Khorsabad palace ruins near Nineveh. The lock and key mechanism was made from wood.

About 2,000 BC lock mechanism found in Egypt were made from wood.

About 1,000 BC the greeks and romans began making a sliding bolt lock and keys from metal.

About 500 BC the romans created iron locks and keys. The same time period the basic padlock was developed.

100 - 200 AD the romans improved the basic padlock developed in 500 BC.

The date is not known when the chinese, romans and egyptians made advances in lock mechanism and started to make both lock and keys from bronze and iron.

Between the mid 1700 and 1800 centuries further advances were developed in lock, padlock and key manufacturing.

About 1920 making locks and keys by hand stopped as new technologies, die-casting were developed to mass produce locks, padlocks and keys.

1930 until today November 29, 2023 lock and padlock manufacturing continues to improve and innovate.

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Padlocks prevent thieves breaking into and / or stealing possessions. So many brands which one to choose, we can help as we sell all major brands.

If the padlock you want is not listed below us the brand and model number, we maybe able to assist you.

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