potting bench - gardening table
made from Jarrah - first sale 1986

potting bench - gardening table

potting bench - gardening table made from solid Jarrah

A potting bench - gardening table is a must have item giving home gardeners a dedicated work space for their gardening projects.

This sturdy potting bench is specifically designed for gardening projects around your house. It can also be used as a general purpose workbench for all your DIY projects and repairs around your house.


Most if not all gardeners know working with pot plants involves water therefore if you are considering purchasing a potting bench - gardening table do not buy one made from soft wood such as pine or mild steel.


If soft wood such as pine continually gets wet the timber will twist, will expand and over time will rot. If made from un-treated mild steel it will rust over time.

A potting bench - gardening table must be made from a hard wood.

The potting benches - gardening table we manufacture are made from Jarrah.

If you live in west Australia you would know about Jarrah.

If not Jarrah is one of the hardest timbers in the world. It can be left outside without the need to paint or oil it.

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We only make one size potting bench - gardening table, 1490 x 600 x 870mm.

Its big enough for all your gardening work but compact to fit into a small area under a patio or small garden shed.

made from solid Jarrah

It has a solid Jarrah top, sturdy frame braced at both ends plus bottom frame for a shelf. Bottom shelf not included.

Potting benches - gardening tables are manufactured from 20mm thick standard grade dry dressed Jarrah.

Each piece of timber used to make these potting benches - gardening tables have pencil rounded edges and ends, no sharp edges.

definition of standard grade dry dressed Jarrah

Structurally perfect but will have in most pieces of timber what are called birds eyes, a wane edge (only on the under side), some uneven colouring, small pin holes and gum.

colour of Jarrah

The colour of Jarrah ranges from light to dark brown. We have done our best to keep the timber used in each individual potting bench to about the same shade but there may be slightly different shades of brown in individual potting bench - gardening table.

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One of our design specifications in 1984 was we wanted this potting bench to fit into any car to take home instead of using a trailer. This why its made in kit form.

It has rigidly constructed frames secured together with gold passovated bolts and screws, no staples used.


Takes about 10 minutes to assemble. All you need is a phillips screwdriver and a 10mm spanner.

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potting bench - gardening table
potting bench - gardening table made from solid Jarrah
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current stock

We are out of stock because we are waiting to receive the last order of Jarrah we placed in March 2024.

As soon as we receive it we need 30 days to manufacture our normal production run of 100 potting benches - gardening tables.

If you want to pre-order a Jarrah potting bench us, we will keep your details then contact you when we have made new stock asking if you want to place your order.

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payment and order procedure

We only accept crediting our company bank account or cash if picking up from our factory in Kelmscott WA (no cards)


After we have received your deposit if you change your mind and want to cancel your order for any reason your deposit is non refundable.


Practically all products we manufacturer and / or sell for other Australian manufacturers we give free delivery.

Due to the weight of the Jarrah potting bench and the low price we are selling it for we have to charge a delivery fee based on the address its being delivered to.

how to place your order

Send us an that includes your name, full delivery address and phone number. We will calculate the delivery cost then email you an invoice.

If after receiving your invoice you decide to cancel your order please us allowing us to delete your invoice from our accounts system.

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