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caravans, camper trailers or any trailer
are easy to steel

without a security device
securing one wheel

there are different types of anti theft devices to secure a trailer, caravan, camper trailer, boat trailer

The most popular security device for a trailer is the type that secures the trailer's wheel. They are refereed to by different names including:

There are many wheel clamp brands, most are made in China. Following are some, click each to open a comparison page to the Australian Wheel Clamp.

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China made or Australian made wheel clamps

All but a couple of the above listed China made wheel clamp brands are cheap to buy but are no more than a visual deterrent.

There is nothing wrong with a cheap visual deterrent wheel clamp if the replacement cost of the trailer is between $1000 - $4000.

but what if

Your 4wd off road camper trailer, caravan, boat trailer or any other type of trailer replacement value is between $5,000 to $90,000 or more.

Then you need more that just a visual deterrent.

you need the

the world's
highest security rated

Australian Wheel Clamp

available in two security options

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fitting Australian Wheel Clamp

There are many differences between China made wheel clamps and the Australian made wheel clamp. The one we want to point out is how they fit to a trailer's wheel.

Each China made wheel clamp only fit two or a limited number of size wheels.

They have two or three arms that wrap round the width of the tyre and nothing securing the wheel clamp to the vehicle's chassis as seen in the following picture.

Klamp It Wheel Clamp
Klamp It Wheel Clamp
Haigh Locking Wheel Clamp
Haigh Locking Wheel Clamp
Arc Wheel Clamp
Ark Wheel Clamp

The Australian made wheel clamp fits all size wheels from the smallest wheel on a jet ski trailer up to the largest wheel on a 4wd off road camper trailer and all size wheels between without adjusting anything.


You don't have to measure the diameter or width of the wheel or measure how far the wheel hub protrudes from the face of the wheel.

All you have to do is choose which security option you want to buy.


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included with each Australian made wheel clamp

Enforcer Wheel Clamp

Supreme Wheel Clamp

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Both the Australian made Enforcer Wheel Clamp and Supreme Wheel Clamp are guaranteed for 10 years by the Australian manufacturer.

we are proud to say

since our first sale in March 2007

until today December 06, 2021

we have never had a

warranty claim

not many companies can state the above fact

no manufacturer imported wheel clamp warranty

If you buy an imported wheel clamp in Australia the only warranty you will receive is the government's six month mandatory warranty all importers or retailers have to give purchasers.

we must point out

Sometime in 2020 we read the importer for Klamp It Wheel Clamp are currently offering a 12 month warranty.

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Australian wheel clamp manufacturer direct special offer

The only decision you have to make is, choose which of the two security options you want to purchase.

pay wholesale
December 06, 2021

special offer

December 13, 2021

free delivery
Australia only

by the Australian manufacturer

December 06, 2031

that’s a
10 year warranty


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