William Flynn
April 1982 to November 29, 2023

director of
Speculator Holdings Pty Ltd

Internet Sales Pty Ltd

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factory - head office

Kelmscott, Western Australia

April 1982

Started his own business, Bills Carpentry Service.

October 1982

Rented a factory in Owen Road Kelmscott, WA.

September 1983

Changed the business name to King of Jarrah.

Manufacturers of Jarrah outdoor furniture, Jarrah letter boxes plus other wooden products.

June 1984

Bought a business named Pinewood Industries.

Manufacturers of products made from pine eg. spice racks, chopping boards, shoe racks there were 25 items in the product range.

September 1984 - August 1990

King of Jarrah became the largest manufacturer of Jarrah gates and letter boxes in West Australia.

August 1990

Decided to stop manufacturing Jarrah gates and letter boxes because of the continuing cost to buy Jarrah.

September 1990

William bought a bankrupt business from the R and I bank named - Brady Drums.

Manufacturers and exporters of acoustical drums.

March 1991

Our first web site bradydrums.com.au went live.

Although "online marketplace" was not a phrase used in 1991.

Based on the modern meaning bradydrums.com.au was an online marketplace (we believe the first at least in Australia maybe the world) selling acoustical drums and parts from various manufacturers from Australia, USA and Taiwan.

May 1996

Sold Pinewood Industries.

August 1998

Registered a new business name Ozbeat Drums and domain name ozbeatdrums.com.au.

Redirected all web pages from Brady Drums to the new Ozbeat Drums web site.

September 1998

Registered a new domain name internet-sales.com.au

Started a web development business in Perth WA named Internet Sales.

October 1998

Closed the business name Brady Drums as we were operating our online marketplace under the name ozbeatdrums.com.au.

November 1998

Closed bradydrums.com.au as the sites new name is ozbeatdrums.com.au.

August 2001

Started new web development business named - Private House Sale

March 2003

Started new business named Theft Proof Security Products.

Design, manufacture and sell manufacturer direct unique security products.

The first unique Theft Proof Security Product named Padlock Protection designed during 2003.

Padlock Protection is the highest security rated locking system replacing a padlock and mild steel chain.

May 2003

William started to work with Hide Away Safe assisting them to market their unique high security, light weight, virtually indestructible, fire resistant safes made in Victoria via the internet.

September 2004

Closed Private House Sale

August 2005

William started to design the second unique Theft Proof Security Product, a completely new designed wheel clamp, initially named Australian Wheel Clamp.

May 2006

William made a decision to change the products his online marketplace sold.

June - August 2006

Creating a new web site to be our new online marketplace.

September 2006

Registered a new domain name internet-sales.com.au.

Swapped the web develop business web site from internetsales.com.au to internet-sales.com.au.

Then uploaded the new online marketplace web pages to internetsales.com.au then redirected the pages we wanted from ozbeatdrums.com.au to internetsales.com.au.

October 2006

Closed business name Ozbeat Drums and domain name ozbeatdrums.com.au as we no longer needed both.

November 2006

William finished designing and testing the second unique Theft Proof Security Product Australian Wheel Clamp.

Australian Wheel Clamp security option Supreme includes Padlock Protection locking system.

There is no other wheel clamp that has a higher security rating than this Australian made wheel clamp.

December 2006

Manufactured the first 25 Australian Wheel Clamps.

March 2007

Sold the first Australian Wheel Clamp.


William designed the third unique Theft Proof Security Product Padlock Guard.

2011 - 2023

William Flynn continues to operate the below four businesses plus he is still working with Hide Away Safe.

The Future

Internet Sales oldest online marketplace continue to look for new products to add to their online marketplace web site.

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